Confetti Party Tumbler - Packs of 6

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Party Tumbler with Confetti

Size: 12 oz
$10.00 Each - Sold in Pre-Packs of 6 = $60.00
  • Gold Lid w/Straw Opening &  Clear Rubber Stop for the straw
  • Each tumbler comes with 3 Straw Colors (Mint, Hot Pink, Pink & White Stripe)
  • Double Wall Cup wMulti Color Confetti (Do not sweat)
  • Confetti remains inside the walls of the tumbler

Unique Feature:  The Tumblers, designed by the Jadelynn Brooke sisters, really wanted to offer more than one straw because the straws easily get lost or worn out.  So they said why not give them three different straws with one tumbler.  Great idea!!!  Some stores put the extra straws in a bowl, and some tape them to the back of the cup when displayed.  Either way, these will sell really fast in your store.